Friday, December 01, 2006

Grand Turk
December 1, 2006

Another wonderful day on Grand Turk! The first morning dive was at Rolling Hill. The site was beautiful but there was a very strong current. For the first half hour we dove along the wall against the current. It was very hard work for me and my legs got real tired.
The second part of the dive was much easier since we had the current take us back to the boat. Our dive master gave us a signal and to my delight a large hawksbill turtle was heading my way. He came right up to me and if I wanted to I could have touched him. I don't usually pet animals on a dive and after posting yesterday's grouper video got some negative feedback from members of the YouTube community. I am the last person that would ever want to stress wildlife.
I was really tired after this adventure so instead of going on the second morning dive, I relaxed by the beach that was opposite the dive shop. When David returned from the second dive we went to Governors beach. We couldn't do an afternoon dive because we're flying home tomorrow and need to rid our bodies of nitrogen.

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